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If you've been looking for a ductwork installation near me, you've come to the right place!Proper ductwork installation is a critical part of the functioning of your HVAC system. A well-installed system improves indoor air quality, helps reduce the energy bill, and provides the opportunity for precise temperature control, making staying in the room pleasant and creating comfort.To perform the air duct installation process, our licensed technicians use the latest equipment and skills honed over the years to guarantee excellent results, the home's energy efficiency, and minimize air quality issues.By hiring us for HVAC ductwork installation, you can be sure of high-quality ductwork service at a reasonable price!
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Signs It's Time to Replace Your Ductwork

Here are some of the most common issues that may indicate the need for air duct replacement or repair. 

Dusty House

If you notice that dust constantly appears on surfaces, this may indicate that the ductwork is dirty, making pollutants circulate throughout the space.

Poor Airflow

Poor airflow is another common issue that signals the need for air duct repair service. This problem may result from wear, improper duct installation, or leaks in the air duct.

Musty Smell

Moisture can accumulate inside the air ducts, causing mold to grow and reducing indoor comfort. You may notice this problem if there is an unpleasant odor in the space for no apparent reason.

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When You Need to Replace Your Ductwork


If you notice that at some point your HVAC system begins to make strange sounds and is louder than usual, this may indicate increased air pressure and other problems that require calling a professional technician.

Temperature Differences

Inconsistent temperatures or noticeable differences in temperature between rooms can often be the result of closed vents, air leaks, or improper ductwork installation. Such a problem not only reduces comfort but can lead to a higher energy bill.


Vents can become clogged due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris over time. This usually occurs as a result of poor maintenance and air duct installation mistakes.

Increase in Allergies

Ductwork provides indoor air circulation. If the system is not working properly, or the vent is clogged, this can lead to respiratory issues and an increase in allergies.


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We are a local company, so our specialists can focus all their attention on your problem. By contacting us, you will quickly receive a response and get all the necessary assistance for the repair, replacement, and installation of air ducts.

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We do our best to serve our customers. Our company provides the reasonable cost of installing ductwork and top-notch service. So if you are looking for a reliable provider with good pricing, we are a company you can count on!


Our team is professionals with extensive experience and skills who have completed many orders and have positive feedback from customers. Therefore, you can rely on our knowledge, equipment, and skills.

Licensed Team

We send our employees to specialized seminars to improve their qualifications and guarantee quality work. By hiring our specialists, you entrust the work to experts in the field of HVAC systems.

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Things We Consider When Installing Your Air Ducts

There are several essential factors we take into account when performing installation work to ensure the best result: 

Outlet to Unit Distance

It is critical to ensure that there is a sufficient distance of at least 25 feet between the HVAC unit and the outlet to ensure a safe installation process and avoid issues in the future.


Another essential aspect is the insulation of your HVAC ductwork. This increases operational life and reduces energy loss. Ignoring this aspect can lead to heat leaks and higher bills.

Return Placement

It is important to guarantee proper return vent placement for efficient heating and cooling of your home. We place return vents in open areas, under stairs, or in hallways in most cases.

Proper Sealing

Sealing is among the key factors for the long-term performance of your HVAC system. This approach significantly reduces the risk of leaks. Therefore, proper sealing ensures that your air ducts work as needed and you can avoid issues in the future.

Types of Air Ducts

There are three most common types of ductwork:

● Sheet Metal DuctMade from galvanized steel or aluminum, this type is among the best solutions due to its strength, durability, and ease of installation. Sheet metal is often used to install air duct systems in commercial buildings.● Fiberboard DuctOne of the main advantages of this type is moisture resistance. Fiberboard ducts are made from fiberglass strands bonded with resin and wrapped in a sheet of foil laminate. This provides additional protection against moisture and reduces the likelihood of mold.● Flexible DuctThis type of ductwork is best suited for spaces that may have an unusual shape or complex layout or be cramped. Flexible ducts are tubular, and insulated, as well as allow for customization when needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can You Install HVAC Ductwork Yourself?

    HVAC systems require skill and knowledge to complete the installation process correctly. By doing the work yourself, you risk making mistakes that can lead to the fact that your entire heating and cooling system may not be working properly, which is why you may have to spend more money when specialists arrive to fix these issues.

  • How Much Does it Cost to Install New Ductwork?

    Ductwork installation costs may vary depending on the complexity of the task and the type of ductwork. The most common price range for HVAC systems installation services is $2,000-$10,000.
    Additionally, the average cost of installing ductwork is in the range of $0.30-$2.50 per sq ft (the average home typically requires 100 linear feet of ductwork per 1,000 sq ft).
    For a more accurate cost estimate, contact our consultant and describe your needs.


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  • Vlad gave us great service. didn't try to sell us anything. explained the pros & cons of any considered action regarding our 30-year old gas heat furnace. Informed us about state & federal law concerning gas furnaces. did extensive testing to confirm we had no gas or CO2 leaks, which was a concern. we just felt we were dealing with an honest man - unlike our experience with some past technicians. he has our future businessLen Weed

  • Great company.
    Vlad was awesome, great customer service and very helpful, was prompt and courteous. He explained system components and reviewed performance data. I'll certainly be working with AIRMAKER HVAC again. Couldn't be happier!

    Jerickson Lorezco

  • Vlad came out to get my heater going. He is exactly professional and knowledgeable. Vlad explained the issue to me in a manner I could understand and had my air running again in no time. I really appreciate having it running so I have time to figure out financing. Thank you again Vlad.

    Serge S.

  • The technician Vlad that came out was professional and wore covers over his shoes to respect our house. His inspection was very detailed, Vlad gave us some options for our furnace.
    Very knowledgeable and informed. Thank you.

    GS Appliance Inc


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