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Heating Replacement Services

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A heating system breakdown can hinder the whole household's comfort, health, and safety. At Airmaker HVAC Inc., we specialize in fast and reliable heater repair service and replacement, ensuring the warmth and coziness of your home even on the coldest days. If your heating system shows signs of wear and tear, struggles to maintain consistent temperature throughout the house, or malfunctions in any other way, contact us at +1 (818) 642-5278 for a free consultation or schedule heating repair or replacement today.


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Fast & Reliable Heating Replacement Services

As an expert team of seasoned professionals with many years of experience in the field, we understand the importance of having a functional and efficient heating system. Our top priority is ensuring your home is warm and safe; we will do anything to assist you. Our countless satisfied customers can confirm that when you contact Airmaker HVAC Inc., you can be sure your heating system will work.

Types of Heaters We Replace

Gas & Electric Furnace Replacement

Gas and electric furnaces are the most common heating systems nowadays. They use electricity, natural gas or propane to generate heat and transfer it throughout the house via blower fans or ductwork. Our technicians are experts in furnaces of either type, ensuring a seamless transition to a newer, more efficient heating solution or fixing any problem with your furnace - from it not turning on to heating system ductwork problems.

Heat Pump Replacement

Heat pumps provide warm air by transferring heat indoors and outdoors, operating via ductless mini-split heating pumps. Heat pumps are a versatile solution, as they can be both a heating and an air conditioning device. In addition to that, they are also energy-efficient, as they move heat instead of generating it. Although they might seem a more complicated system, our technicians are experienced with it, meaning that your heat pump will be fixed or replaced in no time.

Variable Speed Furnace Replacement

Variable-speed furnaces are among the most modern and popular choices. Unlike older single-stage furnaces, which always operate at total capacity when on, these newer systems can operate at different speeds, adjusting the airflow and temperature level. However complicated they may seem, they are a piece of cake for our professionals, who will assess the situation and perform the replacement in the blink of an eye. 


When You Need Us

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Why People Choose Airmaker HVAC Inc.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of expert plumbers and heating specialists come from the best trade schools and receive extra training to ensure their competencies. Our licensed technicians specialize in residential heater repair services, installations and replacement, and commercial services, meaning they will consult you and even help create a heating maintenance plan.

Efficiency Above All Else

At Airmaker HVAC Inc., we care about our customers during their heating system repairs or installation itself and at all times. We ensure the systems we install are energy-efficient, saving you extra energy costs

Personally-Tailored Solutions

We know every house is unique and requires a specific approach, so we guarantee that our customers receive only the services they need and will use. We install, repair, and replace your heating equipment in the way that will perform best in your specific case, leading to unmatched energy efficiency and the best temperature management experience possible.

Is It Time For a Heater Replacement?

You may ask, “But how can I understand that my heater needs replacement? It works, and the house is warm”. Although you might be right, there is more to it than just your heater working. A well-installed modern heating system can also improve the efficiency of heating or cooling your home, keeping the temperatures consistent, and so many more. Let’s delve into some signs that your heater requires replacement.

Reasons for Heater Replacement

Age of the system

Though it may seem counterintuitive, heating systems can’t last forever, with an average span of 15-20 years. If your system is near this age, consider a replacement for a newer and more functional model.

Inconsistent heating

Older systems tend to glitch, leading to inconsistent heating over the day or in different places in the house. Seeing that it happens is a direct sign that your current heater is struggling and requires replacement.

Frequent repairs

Heating systems tend to wear off over time, leading to regular breakdowns and repairs. Although it is customary to fix your heater from time to time, when it happens all the time, it can be a bell of a need to replace it. If your central heating system repair happens more often than once a few months, consider going for a newer one.

Energy inefficiency

Newer heating systems are famous for energy saving - they need less power to provide the temperature you need. They can be programmed to work on lower capacities while you’re away, leading to lower electricity consumption. Consider modernizing your heater to save up to 20% on your power bills.

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Choose Airmaker HVAC Inc. for Your Heater Replacement


If, after all the analysis, you decide that your old heater needs to be replaced, waste no time and contact us at +1 (818) 642-5278. Our team of heating experts will reach out to you as soon as possible, and they will come to assess the situation, consult, and assist you the whole way while also keeping you accountable for everything. Moreover, we also provide emergency heating repair services, meaning that if you need urgent help, we will prioritize it. Contact us now and request a professional technician to bring your heating system to a new level.

How Much Does Heating System Replacement Cost?

The price of the replacement of a heating system depends on various factors, like the model of the heater you choose, the size of your home, the complexity of installation, and any other additional components. At Airmaker HVAC Inc., we care about your budget and offer only the most competitive prices and transparent quotes. We always make sure you know what you pay for and how much.


Our Customers Trust Us

  • Vlad gave us great service. didn't try to sell us anything. explained the pros & cons of any considered action regarding our 30-year old gas heat furnace. Informed us about state & federal law concerning gas furnaces. did extensive testing to confirm we had no gas or CO2 leaks, which was a concern. we just felt we were dealing with an honest man - unlike our experience with some past technicians. he has our future businessLen Weed

  • Great company.
    Vlad was awesome, great customer service and very helpful, was prompt and courteous. He explained system components and reviewed performance data. I'll certainly be working with AIRMAKER HVAC again. Couldn't be happier!

    Jerickson Lorezco

  • Vlad came out to get my heater going. He is exactly professional and knowledgeable. Vlad explained the issue to me in a manner I could understand and had my air running again in no time. I really appreciate having it running so I have time to figure out financing. Thank you again Vlad.

    Serge S.

  • The technician Vlad that came out was professional and wore covers over his shoes to respect our house. His inspection was very detailed, Vlad gave us some options for our furnace.
    Very knowledgeable and informed. Thank you.

    GS Appliance Inc


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