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Ductwork Repair Services

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Enjoy advanced air duct repair services in Santa Clarita & Valencia, CA. Choose the ductwork replacement & repair services you need and schedule your appointment online at Airmaker HVAC Inc. We offer the best prices, a wide range of options, and a committed team.

Our Ductwork Services

Hire a reliable company when searching for HVAC ductwork repair near me. Our commercial & residential duct repair services are designed to improve your safety and provide comfortable temperature in your space by evaluating current duct condition, throughout air duct inspection, and fixing existing ductwork issues that can lead to unbalanced airflow and higher energy bills.   Whether it's a duct leakage, an under-insulated duct, or problems with airflow and the quality of air, our skilled ductwork repair team can fix or replace all or specific parts of your air vents system. 
The air duct repair services we offer include: 
● Inspection ● Repair ● Replacement ● Installation ● Cleaning ● Sealing ● Filtration system installation
Contact our consultant for more details and an estimate.


Types of Air Ducts We Service

Sheet metal air ducts

Made from aluminum or galvanized steel, this is one of the most common options due to its customization benefits as well as its low cost of heating.It is durable and easy to install. In addition, such a type of duct system has smooth surfaces, which increases resistance to mold, bacteria growth, and musty odors.

Flexible air ducts

This type is made from a steel wire coil wrapped in durable but malleable plastic. Flexible air ducts are an excellent solution when it comes to hard-to-reach or cramped spaces. However, due to their flexibility, they tend to have kinks, which can lead to inefficient duct airflow.

Fiberglass-lined air ducts

This type involves the use of fiberglass coating on the interior or exterior of the duct to insulate and prevent condensation. Most often fiberglass-lined air ducts are used in commercial buildings.

Fiberboard air ducts

This type is similar to fiberglass-lined ducts, however, fiberboard air ducts are sealed to make sure no fiberglass particles can break away. A factor to consider is that this type is more susceptible to mold growth.

The best duct repair services near me. Call +1 (818) 642-5278 & schedule your duct replacement or repair today.

Signs You May Need Air Duct Repair

Here are some of the visible signs and common air duct repair issues to keep in mind when it comes to heaters, duct networks, air conditioners, heat pumps, and HVAC systems in general. 


Any system makes noise, but if you notice that at some point the noise of your air duct system has become too loud or there are some strange sounds the entire time, this is a good reason to search for duct repair near me.

Energy bills 

If you notice that your energy costs have increased for no apparent reason, then there is most likely a problem with the duct system, which may require inspection and repair/replacement.

Temperature difference

Another common issue could be temperature differences. If one room is hot and the other is noticeably colder, then this is a signal that your air duct system is not functioning properly.

Poor airflow 

Low air flow may be a consequence of the fact that the air ducts might be the wrong size for the necessary amount of air or they are blocked by something (debris, dust, dirt, etc.).

Visible damage

If you notice damage, a hole, or even a missing part in your system, you should contact a specialist as soon as possible.


When You Need Us

We work from 9 am to 5 pm and will come quickly to your home or office

Why Hire Us For Air Duct Repair Services?

Efficient & fast service

As a local company, our specialists can focus on your problem. We will quickly respond to your request and resolve your air duct system repair or replacement needs at the optimal time. All you need to do is contact us.

Extensive experience in repair work

Our team is made up of seasoned professionals who have done extensive work installing, repairing, and replacing HVAC systems, so you can rely on our experience, skills, and knowledge.

Licensed and certified crew

Our team is a true expert in the field of ventilation and air conditioning systems. We send our employees to specialized seminars to improve their skills and ensure high-quality work.

Reasonable price & top-quality service

We go above and beyond to serve our customers in the best way. Our company provides a reasonable pricing policy and decent HVAC installation and repair work you can count on.

Cooperate with ductwork HVAC services professionals. Contact our consultant and get your air duct system fixed for the best price! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I tell if my air ducts are leaking?

    The most obvious signs of a leak are:● temperature imbalance● visible cracks or tears● loud noises● unusual odors● higher utility bills 

  • How much does it cost to repair ductwork?

    The price may vary based on the complexity of the task. The average range is between $200 and $1,000+. However, repair work can cost $5,000-$6,000+ for a large home or commercial building. Contact us for more details.

  • Can mold get in air ducts?

    Yes, it can. Among the most common causes of mold are leakage and lack of proper maintenance.

  • What happens if ductwork is damaged?

    When ductwork is damaged you may observe the following things:● rattling or whistling sounds● mold infestations● excessive dust● rattling or whistling sounds● poor airflow

  • Can you replace ductwork yourself?

    Since the air duct system is a complex mechanism, it requires skills and knowledge of how to replace/repair it properly. If you make mistakes, you risk spending even more. Therefore, it is recommended to hire professionals.


Our Customers Trust Us

  • Vlad gave us great service. didn't try to sell us anything. explained the pros & cons of any considered action regarding our 30-year old gas heat furnace. Informed us about state & federal law concerning gas furnaces. did extensive testing to confirm we had no gas or CO2 leaks, which was a concern. we just felt we were dealing with an honest man - unlike our experience with some past technicians. he has our future businessLen Weed

  • Great company.
    Vlad was awesome, great customer service and very helpful, was prompt and courteous. He explained system components and reviewed performance data. I'll certainly be working with AIRMAKER HVAC again. Couldn't be happier!

    Jerickson Lorezco

  • Vlad came out to get my heater going. He is exactly professional and knowledgeable. Vlad explained the issue to me in a manner I could understand and had my air running again in no time. I really appreciate having it running so I have time to figure out financing. Thank you again Vlad.

    Serge S.

  • The technician Vlad that came out was professional and wore covers over his shoes to respect our house. His inspection was very detailed, Vlad gave us some options for our furnace.
    Very knowledgeable and informed. Thank you.

    GS Appliance Inc


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